Yin/Yang Pranayama Workshop – SOLD OUT

Feb 23, 2019 - Feb 23, 2019


This workshop is sold out, but you can still get on the waitlist. We can also fit twice as many for Kirtan, so sign up if you haven’t already and come sing with us!

In both the Taoist and Yogic traditions, the main focus of posture and breathing practice is to affect what is called Chi or Qi in Taoism and Prana or Shakti in Yoga. Both words are usually translated as ‘lifeforce energy’ in English. Both traditions teach that the expansion and control of this lifeforce energy are essential not just for physical health, but also for emotional balance, mental clarity, and ultimately spiritual development.

In the Yoga tradition, the primary way to work with this energy is with Pranayama. Indeed the word Pranayama is broken down as Prana meaning breath or lifeforce energy and Yama meaning control. In the Taoist tradition, the words Qi Gong or Chi Kung mean virtually the same thing, lifeforce (Qi/Chi), control or mastery (Gong/Kung).

In this workshop will use Yin (static/passive) & Yang (active/flowing) movement (a type of Qi Gong taken from the Taoist tradition) to first help remove blockages that prevent the free flow of Chi or Prana and then to circulate the energy with fluid, flowing movements to balance the energetic channels called Meridians in Taoism and Nadis in Yoga. We will then use Pranayamas or breathing techniques from the Yogic tradition to further expand and control this energy. The result will be an increase and balance of vital energy that gives an overall sense of wellbeing. This energy can then be directed by the individual to facilitate healing, physical development, or spiritual awakening.

This workshop is a part of An Afternoon of Mahāpatha Yoga at Evolation Yoga Midtown that will include Advanced Yoga Nidra $25 (12p – 2p), Yin/Yang Pranayama $35 (2:30p – 5:30p), and Kirtan with Douglas Johnson & The Mahāpatha Players $15 (6p – 7:30p). You may drop-in to each individually or attend all three for just $60. Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP will lead all practices.

About Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP. Douglas Johnson has studied Yin & Yang Yoga and Pranayama with Paul Grilley, the man who gave Yin Yoga its name. Douglas has also trained to teach Pranayama under other modern Yoga masters like ‘Yoganand’ Michael Carroll (Pranakriya), Andrey Lappa (Universal Yoga), and Deva Parnell (Kripalu). Douglas is the founder of Mahāpatha Yoga, a community of yoga practitioners dedicated to supporting one another in regular advanced yoga practice to help create a better life for ourselves and all beings. Douglas has been teaching Meditation and Yoga since 2000.


*Photo by Rebecca Bonno*