Dharma Discussion Tonight via Skype… What time?

Hello Patrons, and thank you for participating in my poll earlier today!  It does seem there is ample interest in some kind of virtual online community gathering. So, now the question is what and when?

As for what, I thought we would start with a Skype ‘Dharma Discussion.’ I read that we should be able to get 25 people on Skype at one time, which I suspect will be plenty. I’ll be sharing a link when it is time for the call to begin, so let’s pick a time. This virtual meeting will be my first time doing anything like this, so please be ready to be patient with any troubleshooting and technical difficulties that may arise. 

I’ve also had some questions about the cost. For now, it will be strictly donation-based. My work has indeed been affected by this pandemic as I don’t get sick leave, nor vacation, but that is not my primary motivation for doing these online offerings. I’ve got a little saving and should be okay for the next few weeks. However, contributions – however small – are very much appreciated,  and can be made via PayPal to douglas@mahapathayoga.com or by joining this Patreon page. 

However, as my Zen teacher used to say, the most significant contribution you can make is showing up, so please don’t let any kind of financial limitation stop you from joining us. 

As for when that is what this poll is all about! All times are Eastern Time, so if you live out west, please make sure to adjust for your time zone.

Spring Fling - A Bhakti Yoga Retreat

March 29-31