Earthing / Grounding Video

Many of you have heard me talk about this in my classes. Also many of you have had me recommend Earthing/Grounding to you when you have come to me after class with pain/inflammation issues. And yet, when I follow up with students I had recommended this to for their condition I find very often they have not tried it. I am not really sure why this is but perhaps we are just so used to the idea that we have to take or do something to cure ourselves that simple lifestyle / environmental changes perhaps seem ‘too easy’ to be effective?

I am hoping this video will change all that. Earthing with a sheet or a band does not take any extra time out of your day and is a very minimal investment, cheaper than a months worth of supplements many people buy. There is “hard science” behind it as the video points out, and inflammation is linked with almost every major modern epidemic as the video points out. There is almost no reason not to do it. 

The video is a snippet from a long film. Thanks to Un Jung Lee for sharing this video with me.

-Jai Bhagwan

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