Estrogen Is Everywhere… and It’s Killing Us

Please watch this video and educate yourself about how the chemicals in our food, water, air, wrappers, bottles, containers, sunscreen, and hair and skin care products mimic the hormone estrogen and how it is a real danger to your health and well-being.

If you are a man, these chemicals in the environment lead to dangerously low levels of testosterone, which can result in reduced sex drive, reduced erectile function, loss of body hair, less beard growth, loss of lean muscle mass, feeling very tired all the time (fatigue), obesity (being overweight), and symptoms of depression.

If you are a woman, these same chemicals can lead to bloating, swelling, and tenderness in your breasts, fibrocystic lumps in your breasts, decreased sex drive, irregular menstrual periods, increased symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), mood swings, headaches, anxiety, and panic attacks, weight gain, hair loss, cold hands or feet, trouble sleeping, sleepiness or fatigue, and memory problems.

The bottom line is until those with the power to change this situation decide to do something about this, you have to educate yourself and take measures to protect yourself and your children, if you have them, from this ever-increasing onslaught of chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body. Watching the above video is a good start.

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP, OM, CKIF

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