Kirtan Summer Camp on August 14th – 16th?

I want to judge interest in a ‘Kirtan Summer Camp’ that would be held on the weekend of August 14th – the 16th of this year.

There will be three sets of Kirtan, one on Friday Evening with Ian Baccio, one on Saturday morning with Gershone and Flavia Krishna, and one on Saturday night with me. Each set will probably last from 90 minutes to three hours. 

Then Sunday morning Matt McKenny and I will do an Extended Yin Yoga with Live Ambient Music set as we did in November. 

I will also probably teach some hour-long yoga classes between the meals and kirtans for those who like to move as well as chant. 

Please share your thoughts and participate in the poll below. 


Spring Fling - A Bhakti Yoga Retreat

March 29-31