Outdoor Mahāpatha Yoga Gathering 6/14/20 at 10a

Meet me today, Sunday, June 14th, at 10a for a little Mahāpatha Yoga community gathering.   

The location will be Decatur Cemetery, but you will probably want to park your car at Glenlake Park, although some parking is available around the cemetery.   

Let’s meet at the lake. If you park at Glenlake, you will need to enter the cemetery and walk up the hill until you see the lake on the other side. Keep in mind, it’s a bit of a hike, but don’t worry, it’s good for you! 😉   

Once we have gathered, we can hopefully find a shady spot in which to practice. We will try to stay near the lake so that any latecomers can find us and join us. If you are late or lost, feel free to message me on Facebook using messenger, and I will try to respond.   

I recommend bringing a yoga mat, water, bug repellant, sunblock, a hat, and maybe a towel. This morning was rather pleasant, not too humid or hot, and I expect tomorrow morning to be the same.  

I don’t have a hard and fast plan on what to do, so we will just see who shows up and what we feel like doing. I was thinking about doing some chanting with the guitar, but that may be hard outside. I would like to have a dharma discussion. We can probably do some asanas (yoga postures) and perhaps a Yoga Nidra too.   

If you plan to come, please leave me a comment below so I know roughly how many to expect tomorrow.

If this goes well tomorrow, we can perhaps do this on a more regular basis.   

Jai Bhagwan!  

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

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