Thank You for Doing Your Yoga Practice With Me!

Is it possible to feel more connected and more intimate with my sangha (spiritual community) because of what is going on rather than despite it? Call me crazy, but that is kind of how it feels right now. I feel like all this technology – so often used in unconscious ways – is being used in the best possible way right now. I am so grateful for it, and for my health and energy that allows me to serve this online community.

May I say I genuinely appreciate all the generous financial support many of you have given to help keep this teaching going. 

If you are strapped for cash, another way you can help out is to share my posts on Facebook, like them, and comment on them. All these things help to drive awareness and spread the word. And, again, to those of you who are already doing these things, thank you!

Again, the best contribution you can make is to take part and be a part of this community. So please don’t feel that you have to do anything ‘extra.’ Yes, I am out of work and can use the support, but as the article suggests, it is precisely yoga that you should be doing right now to be your best self. So thank you for taking the time to do your practice and to be your best self. The world needs you at your best, now and always. 

And finally, to all of you, thank you for trusting me to guide you in your practice, even if it is only for a few minutes or an hour. There are so many options out there, especially online, so I appreciate those of you who find something of value in my teaching. I have been teaching for a long time, and I have a lot of training, but that does not mean everyone appreciates what I do. So it is always extraordinary to be in the company of people who benefit from and enjoy what it is I do. 

In closing, as I often say on retreat, YOU are Mahāpatha Yoga, not me. There is no Mahāpatha Yoga without the sangha. 

Buddha, dharma, and sangha for the win!

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

Sounds of Summer - A Yoga Retreat

July 19th-21st