The Downside of For-Profit Healthcare

Here is a brief quote from the above-linked article.

“I have the skills to help people during this pandemic and right now I can’t. These furloughs make the case that now more than ever our healthcare system should not be for-profit. We are among the most vital workers in the country right now, and there should be no reason that some people on Wall Street should determine the worth of our jobs when thousands upon thousands of lives are at risk.”

I genuinely believe that there is good and bad to be found in everything, including for-profit healthcare. It’s all about perspective. For example, for-profit healthcare is undoubtedly good for those who are profiting from it. It is a growth industry, and some people are getting very, very wealthy from being in the business of healthcare. 

And I am sure there are other benefits as well. For instance, I’ve been told that US-trained doctors are in demand across the world, so maybe a for-profit system turns out a superior doctor?

However, what is the cost? What is the downside to for-profit healthcare? I think this article and the current pandemic exposes just one of the many downsides to for-profit healthcare in this country that also include things like higher cost and worse care than many countries that have nationalized healthcare.

What does this have to do with Yoga? Well, as more and more studies come out showing the long-term health benefits of things like Yoga and meditation, we could get funding for further studies and perhaps even financial assistance for people to pay for things like Yoga. But as long as the system is driven by profit, I think we will find that what truly is essential to keep us safe and healthy is going to take a back seat to what makes money. 

Why can’t we the people decide to put our health first and elect a government that will do that for us? Why do our elected officials get free government-sponsored healthcare for life once elected? If it is good enough for them, perhaps it should be good enough for us too?

Have a great weekend!

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

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