The Power of Meditation

I’ve been mentioning this talk a lot in class lately, so I think I should post it here. Maggie spoke with me quite a bit while researching this talk, and what she kept finding is how powerful meditation is as therapy and an intervention. 

My approach in motivating students to meditate is generally trying to emphasize how meditation is good for your spiritual growth, happiness, fulfillment, and how meditation ends suffering. But, if that does not convince you to start meditating, then looking at the current scientific research on what meditation does to our brain and body health should! 

So, there really are no two ways about it, you should meditate daily. If you don’t know how to meditate yet and want to learn, check out this recording I made of meditation instruction at Mahāpatha Popup a few months back. I will be posting more recordings of meditation instruction in the future because it’s always different, and really you can’t hear meditation instruction too many times because each time you are different.

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