The ‘Problem’ With Science and Modern Medicine Pt. 2

Here is the follow up to my post “The ‘Problem’ With Science and Modern Medicine.” Just as a careful reading of that post will reveal that the real “problem” with science and modern medicine is the ego, I think the same applies here. People acting on a perception of self-interest seeing only their “small self” and not the larger picture creates a system that is highly flawed and problematic. 

As the doctor in the video points out, there is a vicious circle in the way modern medicine treats type 2 diabetes. Take medicine that requires you to eat in a way that makes you more dependent on your medication, then take more medication. Sounds like the shoes in the video I posted last week where companies like Nike are making ‘high tech” shoes that help with the problems created by wearing high tech shoes. This approach to problem-solving sounds like a very lucrative model. Is there any wonder that healthcare is one of the most top growth industries in the entire world? 

I don’t post these things to try to convince you how corrupt the world is or how evil various industries are, no. I post these things for the same reason I teach yoga, to wake you up. In the end, if people did not buy into these systems, they would not make money, and they would disappear. My sense is when one wakes up spiritually, one begins to ‘smell’ when things aren’t quite right, and there are many areas in our modern CULTure where things do not pass the smell test. 

Despite how it may sound I am not anti-modern-medicine, science or technology. However, while these systems and disciplines are primarily in the hands of and serving the ego, they will continue to do as much if not more harm than good. Like I say in class, stress is not good or bad just like fire is not good or bad. A fire that is cooking your dinner is good, a fire that is burning down your house is bad. Likewise stressing our bodies in the right way can heal us, doing so in the wrong way can kill us. While I am not necessarily a fan of the NRA there is truth in the saying; guns don’t kill people; people kill people. So again, there is not a problem with science and modern medicine per se, but there is a massive problem with how we are currently using them, so be careful out there.

Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP 

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