You Don’t Exist, and You Don’t Have Free Will

Certain concepts appeal to humans, but that does not make them accurate. We, as humans, can have a hard time grasping certain concepts, and we may feel that they are invalid. However, this does not invalidate them. 

One such concept is the Buddhist and non-dual tenet that no ‘self’ exists. Most people have a tough time seeing and understanding this one. But if you are committed to the truth, you can see and experience this through direct pointing with a skillful spiritual teacher. 

Another one is highlighted in the video above, free will. As the video lays out in no uncertain terms, there is no possibility that you have free will. It also explains why this does not mean that nothing matters or that you can do whatever you like.

I post videos like this one primarily to help skeptical modern spiritual students keep an open mind. What we tend to think of as ‘reality,’ ‘scientific,’ or ‘common sense,’ concepts like ‘of course, I exist,’ or ‘of course, I have free will,’ are not backed up by science or the great wisdom traditions. 

I generally find a humble human is a happy human. And for me, a humble human is one that, like Socrates, knows they do not know. 

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP, OM, Certified KI Facilitator

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