An Often Overlooked Yoga Practice – Visualization

Yoga practices are many. You have postures, Asanas, breathing techniques, Pranayamas, energetic techniques, like Bandhas, study, or Jnana, and meditation, or Dhyana. But you also have several powerful ‘inner yoga’ techniques that require visualization.

One is a relatively advanced technique in which posture, breathing, and visualization come together in a Kaya Mudra, or ‘body gesture.’ These were explored in-depth at the Mahāpatha Pop-up and on various retreats like Awakening the Serpent Power.

Another is Dharana or ‘concentration techniques.’ These are often confused with and mislabeled as ‘meditation’ or Dhyana. While some Dharanas like Japa and Nada use sound instead of images, many, like Chakra meditation, require visualization.

This video explores another way to use visualization, which is often used in Yoga Nidra, where one can visualize their Sankalpa or ‘resolution’ to reprogram the unconscious and override the negative programming that holds us back from achieving happiness and fulfillment.

I like that this video explains a bit about the scientific reasoning behind why visualization helps us reprogram the unconscious. Since science tells us the unconscious rules our lives, it follows that if we can reprogram it, we can change our lives.

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP, OM, Certified KI Facilitator

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