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*Photo by Morgan Winn*

Here is a relatively short, and very quiet (meaning I don’t talk very much), Yin Yoga practice that was a part of my recent Summer Satsanga. It was part of a longer afternoon practice we did that included Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Yang Yoga and finished with Kirtan.

If you enjoyed this, but would like to take part in person, I have another Satsanga coming up on Sunday, October 15th where we will be doing completely different practices from the ones we did during the Summer Satsanga. We will still have plenty of Yin though. These practices are a preview of my upcoming annual Fall Intensive

I hope you can join us in person for one or both of these very special events!

Jai Bhagwan,


Sounds of Summer - A Yoga Retreat

July 19th-21st