Going to California

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

As many of you know I will be away for the next few weeks in California studying with my Yin teachers Paul & Suzee Grilley.  This will be my third year studying with Paul & Suzee and I am truly honored to count them among my teachers.  I have learned so much from them and they completely changed my approach to teaching asana.

This trip will be interesting for me personally in that it will be both, a return to the beginning, and a conclusion to what I started with them three years ago.  It is a return in that, the way Paul & Suzee structure their trainings, a lot of what will be covered this time around will be a repeat of my first training with them.  It is a conclusion in that, assuming I complete the course, I will be finishing my 500 hour certification with Yoga Alliance through them.

Even though my 500 hour certification will be finished I hope to continue to study with Paul & Suzee next year and well into the future.  Om Guru.

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