Without the heart it is not possible to see how beautiful everyday life is.  But to really allow yourself to feel the heart is to allow pain and discomfort; to allow disappointment and sorrow.  It appears most people want to feel a deep love and connection with the guarantee that they will not be hurt by it.  But pain and discomfort is one of the forms that love takes.  The hurt is the love.  As Rumi so poetically put it; “The wound is the place where the Light enters you”.  The more you are open to allowing emotional pain and discomfort in this moment the more you are open to love.  There are no exceptions.  I think most of us are afraid that we will be overwhelmed by the strong emotions and sensations that love can produce and so we try to control it.  But how can you be overwhelmed by your own self?

Jai Bhagwan


Sounds of Summer - A Yoga Retreat

July 19th-21st