How Loving Without Limit Purifies You Through Pain and Suffering

We often mistakenly think the pain we feel when we love is caused by love. So we guard against loving fully and openly. If we understood the spiritual truth, we would understand that love reveals the pain hidden in our hearts/minds; it’s not causing it.

It is important to remember that suffering is not an essential part of our nature, it is caused by the confusion of the ego.

If we can stay with the love, it acts as a fire, burning away that which is “unpure” in us (our ego and confusion), turning us into a more fit vessel for love, peace, and joy to come into this world. We literally bring heaven to earth.

While it does help to work with an experienced teacher and know some yoga techniques to help with this purification process, you may find that if you can really stick with it, love is all you really need.

So don’t be afraid to love fully and deeply. Then, when you get heartbroken, know that love breaks your heart open to reveal the pain that is already there so that you can let go of it. We cannot let go of what we are unaware of.

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-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

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