Learn to Expect the Unexpected

Here is another video on Bias.

My main interest in teaching you to recognize Bias in your thinking is to help you unlock more peace and joy in your life. However, as Valerie Alexander correctly points out in this video, it has real-world social, political, and professional consequences as well.

As I said in the last video I posted about this topic, the best we can do is to recognize that this is an inherent problem with all human minds, including ours. This being the case, we should try our best to keep our minds open to new information and not attach to specific ideas and beliefs.

Why should we bother? My answer is a selfish one. So you can have more joy in your life. A side effect of this is the world becomes a better place, as all the real-world social, political, and professional implications of what Ms. Alexander points out in her talk are also impacted in meaningful ways.

What I have discovered on this path is what makes me a happier human being is also that which makes the world a better place. What makes us truly happy is not ego gratification, but having an open heart and mind.

Jai Bhagwan!

Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

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