Marianna’s Awakening Story

Here is one of my long-term students, Marianna, talking about her Mahāpatha Yoga Winter Meditation Immersions, and the effects of her daily meditation practice on her everyday life. Her experience of what we might call a ‘gradual awakening’ is widespread. Perhaps you can relate? Either way, I would love to hear your experience in the comments.

If you have an awakening story, I encourage you to share with the Mahāpatha Yoga community. I know many of you are shy about being on camera, especially talking about something as intimate as a spiritual awakening. However, this is just another opportunity for us to step out of our small ego-self. These video testimonials can encourage others who are skeptical and ‘on the fence’ about our community or me as a teacher, and they can also help others who have had similar awakenings make sense of their experience.

A big thank you to Marianna for sharing her story with us all. I hope you find it inspiring and encouraging. More to come in the following weeks and months!

Sounds of Summer - A Yoga Retreat

July 19th-21st