New Class Styles at Mahāpatha Yoga Popup

Mahāpatha Yoga Popup – my bi-weekly 2-hour yoga classes – start back up again on September 5th. To keep things interesting, I’ve added several new  styles to the rotation. These classes include YANG YOGA, 5 RITES FLOW and EXTENDED YIN & VINYASA practices. Here’s the schedule for September:

  • Sept 5th, YIN YOGA w/ Yoga Nidra Practice
  • Sept 7th, YANG YOGA w/ Pranayama Practice
  • Sept 12th, HATHA YOGA w/ Bandha Practice
  • Sept 14th, 5 RITES FLOW w/ Mantra Practice (chakra meditation)
  • Sept 19th, VINYASA YOGA w/ Mudra Practice
  • Sept 21st, EXTENDED YIN (2 Hours of Yin Postures)
  • Sept 26th, EXTENDED VINYASA (2 Hours of Vinyasa)
  • Sept 28th ZEN MEDITATION (beginners welcome)

For more information about the Popup please visit the Mahāpatha Yoga website.

Spring Fling - A Bhakti Yoga Retreat

March 29-31