No, It Is Not Okay for You to Go See Anyone Right Now

Sorry folks, it is not okay to go and see your ‘healthy friends’ or plan playdates with your neighbors children right now, no matter how young and healthy you are. You may not completely understand why, but it is important to practice social distancing regardless.

And believe me, I get it. Many of you are at least trapped at home with loved ones, but I am here in my apartment, alone. Perhaps you think you would prefer to be alone? But I think either scenario comes with its unique challenges. 

The only in-person interaction I have had over the last seven days was with two cashiers on Thursday when I did a little grocery shopping and got some take out for dinner. I am trying to get outside daily for walks daily but am being careful not to interact with anyone or touch anything. Going or exercising outside is okay, it is socializing that is not, indoors or out.

Hopefully people are beginning to understand that social distancing is not about you getting sick, or about whether  you or the people you are visiting will die or not. This is bigger than all of us and only works if we all do our part. So please, pitch in and don’t see anyone unless you absolutely need to. 

I hope sharing this article will make it a little more clear on why social distancing is important and how it is not just about large groups of people. Even an innocent one on one with a friend could lead to many people getting infected until there is adequate testing in place. 

Jai Bhagwan!

-Douglas Johnson

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