What is Truth?

I’m not sure I agree with everything in this article, but I don’t post these links necessarily because I agree with everything in them. My intention in sharing something like this is to present different perspectives than the one you may be getting in the news or by talking with friends. 

It is not necessarily an endorsement of the view offered. But usually, I feel there is something in the perspectives presented in the article that I think is worth considering. As I said in an earlier post this week, an awakened mind can hold several different or even contradictory perspectives in mind without needing to belive one over another. It is comfortable with tension and with not knowing. Facts, perspectives, thoughts are all tools that an awakened mind can use. 

From my perspective, there is one Truth, and it can’t be put into words. Facts are facts, but facts are not the same thing as Truth. ‘COVID-19 is killing a lot of people’ is a fact. ‘COVID-19 is killing a lot of people, and that is bad’ is no longer a fact but an opinion. From a spiritual perspective, a fact is a ‘relative truth’ and not ‘absolute Truth.’ Spirituality is about absolute Truth and treats facts like shifting sands blown by the wind. Facts, like all thoughts, are tools that can be useful when used skillfully or harmful when used without awareness. 

In our current environment, it can be challenging to determine what is a fact and what is fiction, which is a real shame. But even when we can all agree on what is a fact, facts do not equal Truth.

May Truth be victorious!

-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

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