Yin Yoga for Hips & Spine: Double Trouble – 10/30/20

Here is a Yin Yoga class for the Hips and Spine I created called Double Trouble. This Yin class targets the four major myofascial compartments of the hips and articulates the spine through its basic articulations. This is pretty close to a full-body Yin Yoga sequence, only missing the arms, and the Half-Seal pose, in particular, has been beneficial for students of mine with low back pain. This Yoga class is beginner-friendly and can be done with no props. Enjoy!

In this sequence, we first use the Half-Butterfly pose to stretch the hamstrings and bring the spine into flexion. Then we use the Half-Dragonfly pose to stretch the adductors/groin and bring the spine into lateral flexion. Next, we use the Half-Seal pose to target the hip-flexors and bring the spine into hyperextension. Finally, we use the Twisted Twisted Roots pose for stretching the abductors/glutes and bringing the spine into rotation.

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-Douglas Johnson E-RYT 500, YACEP

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